As a homeowner, you may feel as though you are constantly dealing with repair jobs around the house. Some of these jobs you can take on yourself, but others require the assistance of professionals.

As an expert tile restoration company, the DRN team provides you with some useful information regarding regrouting loose tiles, replacing broken tiles, and tile restoration in the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers area.

The first thing you need to recognise is that grout flaking, cracking or detaching and tiles needing to be replaced are very common problems that homeowners experience regularly. However, before you take on any sort of regrouting DIY project, it is best to call in the professionals because if your grout is loose and coming away, it could mean that there is a loose tile somewhere that has not been identified.

What Is the Problem with Regrouting Over A Loose Tile?

If you regrout without first fixing the loose tile issue, the grout will only flake and break off again, and you’ll be left in the same position that you started in. This cycle can get very frustrating and costly.

If you see grout needing to be replaced, don’t spend the money on any re grouting services until you have had a professional check your tiles to determine if there are loose tiles that need to be fixed before you replace your grout.

If not, and a loose tile is found, you will only have to regrout again. Eventually, a loose tile could crack or break because it loose and unstable. The only thing holding it in place would be the small grout join!

Call In The Team From TRIM

If you feel as though your grout is looking a bit shabby and needs regrouting, call the TRIM team from DRN Projects to help you identify if there is a loose tile that is causing your grout to break off. This will save you time, energy and money. It will also save you the headache of wondering why your regrouting is never effective.

Whether you need loose wall tile repair or loose floor tile repair services, TRIM can help. At the same time, we will regrout once the loose tiles have been properly repaired.

What is TRIM Exactly?

TRIM is an effective tile repair method that stands for Tile, Reglue, Injection Method. This innovative method is ideal for rectification of loose, debonded and peaked tile. It saves time as there is no removal needed. The problem is localised and zoned in on, and no damage is caused to any surrounding tiles, skirting or walls. An adhesive is injected beneath the tile to guarantee a permanent finish. Tile injection repair, performed by a professional TRIM trained technician, is certainly the best way to go about fixing the issue of loose tiles.

Are you looking for tile restoration services on the Gold Coast or Norther Rivers NSW?  Get in touch with DRN Projects today.