As a leading tile restoration company that offers TRIM tile injection repair for loose, cracked, chipped or peaking floor tiles, DRN Projects has seen time and time again that addressing loose tiles as early as possible is one of the most crucial factors in minimising any potential hazards and causing ongoing problems with your flooring. Your flooring is a major investment in your home, and properly maintaining them as soon as the issue arises will ensure the longevity and safety of your floors. Take a look at the signs you need to be aware of to know when it is time to call us to repair your loose floor tiles.

Signs That Point To Loose Floor Tiles

Knowing what to look for is the key component of dealing with loose floor tiles effectively and as early as possible. Here are the indicators of loose floor tiles:

  • Cracked Tiles

Cracked tiles often point to subpar installations or installation issues. However, there are several other causes, such as temperature fluctuations, substrate cracking, or even something as straightforward as a heavy object falling on them. Cracked tiles often lose their adhesive integrity and become loose quickly, causing a potentially dangerous hazard that needs to be addressed.

  • Cracked and Loose Grout

Wear and tear is often the cause of cracked or loose grout since building structures are constantly moving incrementally due to various factors such as foundation settling, temperature changes, etc. Grouting is essential for keeping tiles sealed and contributes to keeping them in place. Cracked and loose grouting can lead to loose tiles, and can be an early indicator that the integrity of your tile installation is compromised and your floor tiles have lost their adhesiveness.

  • Drummy/Hollow Sound When Walking On Tiles

This sound occurs when tiles become loose either through bond failure or because too little adhesive was applied. A lack of adequate adhesion will cause tiles to become loose and hazardous.

  • Bouncy Floor Underfoot

Bouncy flooring in tiles is also an indication that tiles are not secured and are at risk of loosening and peaking. It could also indicate damage to the flooring underneath and needs to be assessed as quickly as possible to rule out major structural complications.

How DRN Can Help

At DRN Projects, we use the TRIM (Tile, Reglue, Injection Method) methodology for effective and efficient tile repair. Not only are we able to assist you with identification and problem solving for loose tiles, but we can help you make loose tiles an issue of the past. Our wall and floor tile repair service will help you address any loose tiles promptly and professionally and can save you thousands of dollars on an otherwise, complete floor replacement, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind.

Want to deal with loose tiles before they become a major problem? Get in touch with DRN Projects today.