The tiles in your home are looking a bit rough and definitely in need a bit of TLC. They’re tenting, loose, cracked… So you’re wondering, “Maybe I should just replace all the tiles, that seems easier.”

*record scratch*

Okay let’s stop that train of thought for a moment. It sounds simple enough, yes, but it really isn’t. It truly is the perfect example of easier said than done. Let’s go through what’s involved when replacing your tiles, and then the alternative of T.R.I.M. – Tile Reglue Injection Method.

Replacing Tiles

Storage & Removalist Costs

All the furniture in the tiled area of your home will need to be temporarily stored in a different location. This is to help the tradies come in and work without disruption or worry that they may damage your belongings. You may be part of the lucky few who have enough room in their home to just relocate it to another location, but most of the time it will require all items to be stored elsewhere until the job is done.

Jackhammering to Remove Tiles

A Jackhammer operator on average is about $40 per hour in Australia, varying across the country. Depending on how many tiles you need to remove, this could be a very costly expense.

Dumping Fees

The tiles are removed! But the amount of waste is huge. You’ll need to hire a skip bin. Then you will have to keep the skip bin at your property until the job is done. If you’re lucky, everything will go according to schedule and you can budget appropriately. However, we all know that 9 times out of 10 there’s always something that delays renovations.

Grinding Away Remaining Tile Glue

For tiles to be installed correctly, the substrate needs to be ground bare and ready for a brand new application of tiles, along with all the bells and whistles that come with it.

Purchase Costs & Delivery of Tiles

After many deliberations of the colour, cost and size of tiles, you have picked the perfect tile… But now they need to be delivered to your home. Consider the cost of delivery and installation of said tiles which brings us to…

Labour Costs & Associated Materials
On top of the cost of the tiles, you also have to engage a licensed flooring contractor to lay the tiles, this includes the cost of silicone, grout and other associated materials required to complete the job.

Extra Labour Costs due to Unforeseen Damage

Take into consideration that you may need Carpentry, Joinery and/or Painting to be done, should the skirting need to be replaced or joinery shifted due to removing tiles beneath.

Post Tiling Cleaning Cost

At last the job is done – Or is it? Tiles need to be cleaned a certain way after installation, whether you already own the appropriate cleaning products to get the job done, it’s still extra work that needs to be accounted for..

Temporary Accommodation

It is also recommended that you find temporary accommodation while the tile replacement works are taking place. Of course if you have family or friends that you can stay with – Fantastic! But not everyone has this luxury, so it could possibly be another cost to consider.

Disruption to Routine/Away from Home

If you have children, this could be a huge stress on your daily routine. Not only for the kids, but for yourself included. Even if you don’t have children, it could be really annoying to be away from your safe space where all your belongings are. Where is that shirt I really like? Oh yeah, I left it at the house. I really want to cook and stay home tonight. Oh yeah, I can’t, staying at a hotel. Just the little things can add up to become a big thing. Home is where the heart is (and your sanity).

That’s quite the list. I am sure while you were going through all the points, you began to reconsider and then realise that T.R.I.M. is definitely the way to go.


Injecting Tiles
A technician will come to your home and inspect the tiles that need rectification. Usually this only takes about 15 minutes of your time, and the visiting technician will estimate how long it will take. Minor tasks can be completed in just a few hours, allowing you to walk on the newly repaired tiles almost as soon as the repairs are finished.

You won’t need to vacate your home, and most of the time there won’t even be a need to move furniture! If we can work around it, we will.

(Technician Matty working around a little girl’s play area.)

We found that injecting your drummy tiles is on average about one QUARTER of tile replacement costs, even less if you have to fork out for all the points mentioned above. Of course this cost fluctuates depending on the job, but we sincerely hope you compare the costs when it comes to regluing your tiles or replacing them.

Tile Reglue Injection Method, otherwise known as T.R.I.M., can provide an obligation FREE quote on any tile rectification jobs. So before you throw yourself into a massive job replacing all those tiles, give us a call or send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!