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Loose Floor Tiles

Looking for loose floor tiles repair services? Your floors will feel like new in just hours with floor tile TRIM! We as a leading tile restoration company has an advanced Tile Reglue Injection Method or tile injection repair that positively refixes your loose tiles without removal, whether your tiles are inside or outside.

Repair Chipped Tiles

Tiled floors being blemished by unsightly chips and cracks? Our cracked tiles repair or replacing cracked tiles process can colour match your existing tiles and have them look like new, even when no spares are available. Call now to repair chipped tiles.

Loose Wall Tiles

Needing to have loose wall tiles repaired? Don’t let loose wall tiles in your bathroom or kitchen splash-back ruin the aesthetics of your home. TRIM, a tile restoration company, is the economical, mess-free, permanent loose wall tile repair alternative to tile replacement. TRIM provides tile restoration services on the Gold Coast & in Brisbane.

Repair Peaking Tiles

Our tile restoration company Gold Coast and Brisbane, saves your tiled surfaces without the need for costly replacement. TRIM, our tile injection repair system provides the perfect solution by relieving built-up pressure around peaked and tented tiles. We then level out and refix through tile injection repair. Arrange a quote with our team today.

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What is TRIM and how can it save you $1000’s

TRIM – Tile Reglue Injection Method is an innovative approach that repairs loose and debonded tiles without removal. The TRIM method saves tiled surfaces from costly replacement by localising the problem areas and avoiding damage to surrounding tiles, utilising a specialised injection adhesive “Injectabond” to provide a permanent and guaranteed finish. Injectabond is highly effective. Being a liquid adhesive containing a special shrinkage agent enables it to pull tiles back and hold them in place. In our loose & drummy tile repair method, loose and drummy tiles are positively refixed by injecting the adhesive beneath the affected tiles through select access points in the grouting.

TRIM has been developed and continuously refined for the past 30 years. It has proven to provide a high-quality yet cost-effective alternative to fully replacing tiled floors and walls. This tile restoration method has saved many home and business owners $1000’s on otherwise time-consuming, stressful, messy and expensive rectification work. Apart from this we also offer replacing broken tiles services.

How Does Trim Work?

How does TRIM work?

Our unique Tile Reglue Injection Method (TRIM) provides you with a floor tile repair services or solution without the need of costly removal or replacement. So, how does it all work?

TRIM involves using Injectabond – a specialised adhesive that is injected beneath the affected tiles on your floor, wall, internal or external tiles through access points in the adjoining grout. There is no need to move out, no need to tear up tiles for resurfacing, no mess or dust, and best of all, this will save you thousands of dollars.

Injectabond has a rapid-binding nature, so you can walk on your tiled floor in just several hours after treatment, saving you time and minimising disruption to your home or business. This innovative liquid adhesive provides a positive bond from the substrate to tile, regluing tiles at the point of delamination while maintaining flexibility, allowing the rebonded tiles to accommodate any future movement.

TRIM Guarantees

Workmanship Guarantee

Workmanship Guarantee

With a guarantee of workmanship quality and the proven effectiveness of Injectabond, we offer you peace of mind with a cost-effective, long-term tile repair solution.

Injectabond Manufacturers Guarantee

Injectabond Manufacturers Guarantee

With a guarantee of workmanship quality and the proven effectiveness of Injectabond, we offer you peace of mind with a cost-effective, long-term tile repair solution.

Tested to Australian Standards

Meeting stringent testing to Australian standards, TRIM Injectabond is recognised as the ONLY injection adhesive compliant under state legislation as a building material.

TRIM proven track record

With TRIM’s proven track record of success over 30 years in providing an innovative approach to cost-effective tile repair, we pride ourselves as industry leaders.

Don’t spend thousands removing
and replacing – Inject and save $1000’s

If you have tiles that need rectification, you have come to the right place. Why spend thousands to remove and replace when you can save time and stress with the TRIM repair solution? Inject and save those loose, creaky, and drummy tile repair with TRIM’s specialised adhesive Injectabond, for a permanent refix that is designed to last.

TRIM provides you with a hassle-free, timely repair alternative that will positively refix your debonded tiles without the need for replacement, whether your tiles are inside or outside, on the floor or on the wall. With a 10-year product warranty on Injectabond and a 25-year tested service life, TRIM can save you thousands of dollars while minimising disruptions to your home or business. No mess, No stress, No fuss!