Here at DRN projects, we are a husband-and-wife team with over 20 years of industry experience in high-quality building, rectification and interior work. 

A licensed builder and carpenter, Daniel comes from a long line of Newnham family construction service companies. Rafaela is a qualified interior designer with over 16 years’ experience across multifaceted aspects of design including commercial and residential interiors, high-end and high-density projects. Our strong establishment in the industry as well as our combined experience in residential, commercial, industrial, and insurance repairs allow us to provide remedial, rectification, and renovation works of the highest quality.

Remedial Work – 20 years

DRN Projects has over 20 years’ experience in remedial work. We offer cost-effective and comprehensive rectification solutions. This includes an extensive range of repairs including waterproofing, concrete cancer, cavity and flashing repairs and water mitigation. We also work extensively with body corporates, strata services, property managers, hotel and resort management to provide professional building maintenance services.

Project Management – 15 years

Quality assurance is key to keeping our projects on time and on budget. Our comprehensive project management service covers and examines all aspects to minimise unnecessary and costly corrective work. We provide end-to-end management from initial planning to overseeing the entire execution process for a successful outcome, while meeting statutory requirements, insurances, building codes, and WHS regulations. 

TRIM Tile Repair Solution – 35+ years

A permanent tile rectification solution that guarantees quality, minimises disruption, and without the need for removal. TRIM is an innovative reglue injection method that positively refixes loose, creaky, and debonded tiles. The specialised and highly effective adhesive Injectabond” is injected beneath the affected tiles through access points in the adjoining grout, regluing tiles at the point of delamination with a guaranteed finish that will last. Floor Tile Trim has saved many home and business owners $1000s and is recognised as the only injection adhesive compliant with Australian standards.

As a preferred building and remediation specialist for many high-end clients, DRN Projects is your one-stop shop for all rectification and building needs. You can be rest assured that our workmanship is always of the highest quality, with all projects and work backed by a 7-year guarantee. We pride ourselves on providing innovative and cost-effective outcomes, with comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to address your needs. 

You can trust DRN Projects to have the skills, experience, and in-depth knowledge to handle all aspects of building defects and maintenance requirements, providing you with detailed, methodical, and professional assessments to remedy each issue. Our expert team consists of the most skilled tradespeople to ensure your project is delivered to the highest quality and standards.

From residential to large commercial building works, we have you covered. Get in touch with DRN Projects today.