Tiled floors are an asset to any home. They brighten up your space with a neat, refreshing look and can suit any interior. However, damage does occur from time to time and broken tiles can become unsightly, not to mention dangerous.

If you’re considering replacing your tile flooring due to cracks or damaged tiles, pause for a minute to consider whether they can instead be repaired. DRN Projects is Queensland’s TRIM experts. We repair tiled floors using a unique tile injection repair technique for cracked tiles, loose tiles, chipped tiles and drummy tiles.

How To Identify If Your Tiles Are Repairable

A good place to start would be to identify where the damage is. In many cases, if just a few tiles have come debonded due to wear and tear, or there are a few localised spots where the tiles have chipped or become drummy and youre unsure what to do about it. Regular tile companies may suggest replacing cracked or broken tiles. It may be tempting just to strip up the entire floor and start afresh with a brand-new set of tiles. However, this is extremely expensive and time-consuming, and lets be honest, can cause major disruptions to your home.

What if you could find a wall or floor tile repair service to fix the localised tile damage without removing or replacing all your tiles? Its now possible with TRIM.

TRIM Could Save You Heaps Of Money

TRIM stands for Tile Reglue Injection Method, which works by injecting a specialised adhesive beneath the affected tiles. This revolutionary technique of wall and floor tile repair can save you thousands of dollars, time and upheaval of your precious living space.

With TRIM, there is no need to replace your flooring or even remove the damaged tiles. Its effective and durable while being much more cost-effective in the long run. Start by booking a consultation with trained TRIM professionals such as our team at DRN Projects. Were a specialist tile restoration company servicing Queensland right through to Coffs Harbour NSW, and we can help save your tiles with TRIM so you can avoid a complete replacement. Well come in to check if your tiles have any of the following problems:

  • Loose floor tiles
  • Chipped tiles
  • Peaking tiles
  • Hollow sounding tiles
  • Drummy tiles

Save With Tile Floor Repair By DRN Projects

Its imperative to entrust your tile repairs to a qualified, experienced company like DRN Projects for the most satisfactory outcomes. Were known for our outstanding work in tile restoration throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW. We apply TRIM to revive your broken, chipped and cracked tiles, and if parts are needed to fill any gaps, we will find the neatest, most efficient solution. Call us to assess your tiles before you replace them.

Apart from our quality TRIM services for tile floor repairs, we also offer remedial maintenance work for residential and commercial buildings and project management for renovations, construction or maintenance work to help you with quality assurance, compliance and end-to-end planning and advisory. Get in touch with DRN Projects to learn more.