If you’re a homeowner in Queensland who is considering selling your home, this is the perfect time to get all those loose, drummy tiles fixed. Before you dismiss loose tiles as insignificant, you may want to reconsider because they can negatively affect the selling price of your home. To get the best offer on your home, keep reading to find out why tile restoration is a must and how to go about it.

TRIM Will Give You Thousands Back On The Your Home’s Sale Price

TRIM stands for Tile Reglue Injection Method and is a cost-effective way of restoring drummy tiles by injecting them with liquid adhesive so you can avoid replacing the entire floor. A tile replacement job will cost you thousands of dollars, but with TRIM, you only focus on the areas that are damaged, and the results will have your tiles looking brand new with a solid feeling and no more hollow sounds.

Why Should I Get My Tiles Fixed If I’m Selling?

Building and pest inspectors typically look for loose, uneven and broken tiles. This is done when conducting a pre-sale inspection for a purchaser. The reason for this is because these irregularities and inconsistencies can contribute to the overall value of a house on the market. By attending to damaged tiles before the inspection, you can save significantly on time, money and stress.

What Impact Will Drummy Floor Tiles Have?

Drummy floor tiles will give your potential buyer a reason to push you for a reduction in your price, because it is a liability they will have to carry. While hollow tiles may not be as unsightly as cracked tiles, they still take away from the overall flooring quality and can end up, in the long run, being a safety hazard. Consequently, it would be prudent to have them repaired if you want to fetch the best price and enjoy a seamless sale.

Have A TRIM Expert Inspect Your Tiles Before Putting Your Home On The Market

We recommend having your tiles inspected by an accredited TRIM (Tile Reglue Injection Method) expert like DRN Projects before you list your house on the market for sale. This way, you can identify problems early and have them fixed in time for your inspections, house showings and subsequent sale. You can guarantee our TRIM team will give you sound advice on what to fix, what not to fix and how to do it with minimal disruption and cost.

Get in touch with DRN Projects today and our team will gladly assist you with TRIM applications to restore your tiles in time for a pre-purchase building inspection. We’ll help you get the best price for your home!