Taking part in the clean-up efforts of one of the biggest flood events in the history of Australia, DRN Projects is honoured to be tasked with contributing to the revival of flood-affected areas, helping families to move forward and rebuild their homes.

Preparation for Flood Affected Homes

When it comes to rebuilding and reconstructing flood-affected homes, preparation is key to a smooth process and successful outcome. With over 95,000 insurance claims related to the recent flood incident, all areas and components must be checked and certified for sanitation, especially if the homeowner is taking a cash settlement from the insurer.

One of the biggest issues with homes that have been affected by adverse water is moisture and mould. The SES had deemed more than 3,600 homes across the NSW northern rivers region alone as unsafe and uninhabitable, with mould as one of the significant health hazards present in those flood-damaged homes.

Flood Sanitation and Moisture Certification

Before any relining, re-sheeting and finishing work commencing, the process of Sanitation and Moisture Certification must be conducted. This is to ensure that the flood and water damaged repairs are being carried out satisfactorily and consistent with industry best practices.

DRN Projects partners with an independent third-party specialist to ensure that our remedial works are completed to meet the required standard and issuance of the Sanitation and Moisture Certificate.

The process involves detailed physical inspection and verification of the building materials and repairs. A visual inspection is required to ensure all wall cavity and framing components that are exposed are clean, dry and free from mould colonies. Timber frames will be tested for moisture with results documented. Then a final sanitation treatment to these cavities and components is applied.

All treated areas are swabbed and tested again for cleanliness before the issuance of the Sanitation and Moisture Certificate with results documented.

The certification is particularly important as independent verification and proof that the rectification works have been conducted satisfactorily for health, safety and insurance settlements.

Rectification and Remedial Building Works – DRN Projects

Here at DRN Projects, we have a combined 30+ years of construction industry experience, with extensive travelling throughout central Queensland during the past 10 years, carrying out high-quality, cost-effective insurance repair and remedial works from the effects of flooding and storms.

We are proud to be part of the rebuilding efforts of the flood-affected communities, playing a part in helping families to get back on their feet and move back into safe, habitable homes sooner.

No job too big or small, if you require any reconstruction, renovation or remedial work, we can help. Get in touch to discuss your needs today.

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